We are Indian. We are Dutch. We are global citizens.

We are heritage.  We are today. We are tomorrow.

We are creators. We are consumers. We are aware.

We have a choice. We take a stand. We make a difference.


When two worlds come together, no one can stop the magic. In 2015, when we first designed our collection in Amsterdam handmade by rural Indian artisans, we experienced the power of this unusual unison. Since then, we have made it our mission to bring smart fashion made by the world’s best artisans to people everywhere.

By speaking the subtle language of design, we offer you a product with not just a style but also a story that stands out from the crowd.

“Because just looking good isn’t enough anymore”

www.karigar.nl | info@karigar.nl


Press coverage
""Elk kledingstuk heeft een zogenaamde Talking Tag: een label met een QR code. In het lmpje dat opent als je de QR-code scant, maak je kennis met de vrouwen die onze producten maken. Je weet dus precies welke handen aan jouw kleding hebben gewerkt.""
Indian Craftsmanship Meets Dutch Design
Enterprise Europe Network - November 07, 2017
""India is een land met een heel rijke textieltraditie. In India maken en dragen de mensen stoffen. Zo is de saree in feite geen ‘tailored’ kledingstuk maar een 5,5 meter lange lap stof, die op verschillende manieren om het lichaam gedrapeerd wordt. De producten die ik ontwerp zijn hierop geïnspireerd: ik vertaal de traditionele handwerktechnieken naar hedendaagse ontwerpen.”"
Meet Jolijn Fiddelaers of KARIGAR
Vrouwen Ondernemen - April 05, 2017
""People love how we use design to translate traditional Indian handcraft techniques into modern textile products. For an international audience, the materials are new and exciting because they are natural and raw, and the colours appeal to their sensibility. What completes it is our story about the artisans behind KARIGAR.""
A global platform for Indian Weaves
Ritz - May 19, 2016
""We want to grow our brand internationally, be a preferred choice when someone is looking for handmade, high-quality, designed textiles. We also want to be able to ensure steady work and opportunities for the talented people that we work with.""
Weaving a Success Story
Liveinstyle.com - May 17, 2016
""Big extra plus is that they use natural and sustainable materials like wild forest silk, nettle, wool and (organic) cotton. And they are fully transparent about their production process by using a so-called ‘Talking Tag’ – a QR-code that you can scan with your smartphone to see by who, where and how the design is made with which techniques and materials." "
Artisans & Sales - How to Combine
Refinity.eu - October 27, 2015
""They have worked with artisans in Garhwal, Himachal, Assam, Karnataka (women of the Lambani tribes), Punjab (phulkari) and Andhra (Ikat). Next on their list is Kutch in Gujarat, and north-east India. They have provided every master weaver, production head, and one team member with a smart phone and have trained them to use it — taking photographs of their work, and using Whatsapp to share." "
Indian Weaves Going Dutch
The Hindu - October 10, 2015
""By exposing them to new designs and re-training them, getting them to push their own creative boundaries and in improving their quality standards, we give their skills a much-needed boost and open up a world of possibilities.""
Connecting Rural Artisans to the World
DNA India - September 24, 2015
Exceptional Women of Excellence - March 08, 2018
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