New York. Rush hour. Finely tailored suits. Women in stilettoes striking a perfect balance as they confidently walk the traffic crossing. Now think Tokyo. Pink Cherry Blossoms and gentle, mild mannered folks who are always on trend. Amsterdam? Delft Blue. Casual chic. ‘Stoer’. 

What looks like an association game to you was the exercise we went through before we came up with the names for our handmade KARIGAR Capes. When we designed this multi-functional and innovative fashion garment for all seasons, we wanted it to work for every stylish and conscious woman living across the globe.

For instance, how she drapes and combines her Cape in New York (with a suit) would be so different from how she would wrap it in New Delhi (with a dress) or in Toronto (under a jacket).

KARIGAR Cape New York can be worn to create that awesome business look 

Apart from the many styles of wearing our Cape, because we do have many ways, we also offer many colour options -- 10 to be specific. The navy cape is so New York (think confident, girl-boss, corporate, work hard/play hard). The pastel cape had to be called Oslo (it has such a Scandinavian vibe!). The colourful cape was Cape Town (bright, happy hues) and the green cape Berlin (sustainable and trendy).

 Cape Berlin comes in shades of green -- the perfect colour to be associated with sustainability

In our collection, there’s a Cape for every woman, every colour of skin or hair, even every shape (our Cape is one size). And there is also a drape for each of us who wants our fashion choices to express our personal style – from confident to mellow.

From Tokyo to Toronto, KARIGAR has a Cape for all.

Photos: Karen Kikkert and Bimala Naysmith
Text: Kanak Hirani Nautiyal