We’re going to let you in on a secret. The 3 of us co-founders at KARIGAR share clothes and swap shoes. It’s quite possible that you’ve seen all of us wear the same green dress or floral print skirt on more than one occasion. That we are the same shoe size (Eu 38) makes the shoe exchange pretty easy, but that we have totally different body types (not to mention style preferences) makes the clothes swapping just a teeny bit harder. Jolijn is a size 8 and likes it simple and natural. Sindhu, size 0, prefers the smart business look. And Kanak, size 8 (and 10 after a holiday) loves a bit of statement.

Now the reason we’re letting you in on this is because just today, we met someone who confesses that she owns only 60% of the clothes she wears. The rest is borrowed from Lena, the fashion library in Amsterdam. Victoria is a passionate blogger at Styleme.green and get this, she saved €3.343,15 from borrowing 40% of her wardrobe in 2017. We are terribly excited to collaborate with Victoria on our upcoming How to Wear the KARIGAR Cape video and explore the many new ways in which she’s going to drape it. And it’s also very possible that the clothes for the shoot will be ‘borrowed’ but it seems like the smartest, not to mention the most sustainable, way for us to showcase as many styles as possible.

A few years ago, sharing clothes was considered uncool and people would ask, why would you even wear something previously owned by someone else? Clothes are personal and intimate. But today, everyone from New York to Amsterdam finds ‘borrowing’ acceptable. The sharing economy means that style need not come with a budget attached. Mud Jeans allows you to lease jeans for €7.50 a month, Filippa K offers collections for rent with their leasing option for 20% of the full price. I mean, who would say no (we’re already googling their Amsterdam lending locations in another browser)? At Kleiderei, our new discovery during a recent trip to Hamburg, we discovered that it’s possible to have personalised lending – borrowed clothes delivered to your doorstep.

So if you’ve grown up wearing hand-me-downs from your older sister or brother, don’t beat yourself up. You’re right on trend.

Text: Kanak Hirani Nautiyal
Photo: Victoria Onken