Handmade, naturally

Handmade, naturally

The last time you tried to replicate a fabulous dinner you had previously cooked – how did that turn out?  Did the meal taste exactly the same as before? Did it even look the same as what you previously served up?
In case you’re wondering, this isn’t a cooking quiz. We’re just trying to get you to understand the complexity of handmade and accept its wonderful but unpredictable outcome.  Because anything and everything that is handmade, including your dinner, could look, feel, and in this case even taste slightly different each time. 
Our production process relies largely on the key roles that nature and humans play. The same dye can be a different shade of indigo, depending on the amount of sunshine the yarns get. The wild silk thread that is spun during the Indian monsoons can be heavier than in the summer as it absorbs more moisture. The human hand that spins the silk cocoon into yarn can never replicate the precision of a machine.
Right now, we are working with creating felted wool handmade rugs. So how difficult could it be to make the exactly the same piece again? The rug uses handspun wool (a manual process) and is also woven by hand, after which the felting is done by soaking in water and stamping it till it shrinks and softens. Let’s just say, we still haven’t been able to make the same rug twice.

So the next time your dinner tastes different or if your KARIGAR wool silk stole has yarns of uneven thickness or is slightly heavier than it was the previous time – treat is as the unique nature of handmade and remember that just like you, there is just one of its kind.
Text: Kanak Hirani Nautiyal
Pictures: Marloes van Doorn

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