In the second part of our series 'The Human Connection' we want to celebrate human (im)perfection. 

Your Cape's tassels have been hand-trimmed by Dhananjay, the Cape hand woven by Parwa Devi and the entire production watched over by the keen eye of Ramchanderji.  Your Cape might even be a little heavier because the dyed yarn was sun dried in the monsoon instead of the summer (absorbing more moisture as a result). What we want to state is that your Cape wasn't made in an assembly line by a machine, it was handcrafted. 

Your Karigar Cape is handmade by skilled humans and not by machines. Each piece is unique and no two capes are exactly the same as they are handcrafted.
What makes your Cape unique isn't just the combination of European design aesthetics and centuries old weaving techniques but the fact that no two Capes are exactly same and that they bear the signature of its makers. Which is exactly what we at KARIGAR celebrate! 

Text: Kanak Hirani Nautiyal
Photo: Marloes van Doorn (artisans)/Bimala Naysmith (models)