Stylish, sustainable and multi-functional

Stylish, sustainable and multi-functional

It started with a blanket. 

Karigar designer Jolijn Fiddelaers had wrapped herself in a handmade woollen throw from our first Home collection when she thought, wouldn’t it be nice if I could also wear this outside? She wanted to extend that warm, ‘gezellig’, cosy feeling outside her home and with that, the journey of the Karigar Cape began.

Karigar prides itself in creating wearable fashion textiles that are handcrafted using natural materials. When we defined the areas in which we could be sustainable, design –  a crucial element of our brand – came to mind. With the clever use of design, we extended our philosophy of sustainability to the function of our products and created in effect something transformational -- a blanket that also became a stylish poncho, a hoodie, a jacket or even a dress!

The multi-functional Cape can be worn in 17 different ways (and possibly more if you are willing to get creative). So instead of using one product for one season, our Cape offers the wearer a product that’s made to last, extending the life-cycle of the garment and encouraging them to do more with less. The use of colour, natural materials, weaving pattern, free-size armholes – all contribute to make the Karigar Cape playful, smart and sustainable.

We’ve had many reactions to the Cape, ranging from ‘fascinating’ and ‘prachtig’ (wonderful) to people asking us curiously how the same product can become both long and short. But the one that always leaves us smiling is when people say, ‘oh, that’s like a blanket’!

Text: Kanak Hirani Nautiyal


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