The human connection. What if you could have a human connection with your clothes? To know every single face and see each hand that created your garment. Would that make it extra special? 

In the first of our series 'The Human Connection', we introduce a few of the 15 people who created your KARIGAR Cape. Meet Jolijn (designer), Satinder (dyer), Maheshwari (weaver), Rakesh (dyer) and Jaspal (weaver) whose combined skills have resulted in this stylish and beautiful product.   

Maheshwari weaves the Cape Amsterdam (worn by model Elaine)

From the moment the Capes are conceptualised to when the designs are communicated and the products crafted, it takes enormous effort and efficient teamwork for each KARIGAR Cape to be made and delivered to your doorstep.

KARIGAR artisans dye the yarns for the Karigar Cape and weave it using traditional handcrafting techniques.

Your Cape's magic ingredient? Just the right amount of human imperfection! 

Text: Kanak Hirani Nautiyal

Photos: Marloes van Doorn (artisans) & Bimala Naysmith (model)