The significance of Pantone's color of the year 2017

The significance of Pantone's color of the year 2017

When Pantone announced Greenery as it’s Colour of the year 2017, we were overjoyed. Greenery is an important colour in Karigar’s collection – used in both our hand-woven Cape and Scarf. But green is never just green. Every single variant of that shade has a specific name. Parrot green, neon green, jade green, teal, sea green, forest green, and the list goes on. And Rakesh is familiar with almost every one of these variants.

Every single working day, our 28-year-old dyer Rakesh surrounds himself with colour. His job is to prepare the dye using a formula or recipe, ensuring that it’s right every single time. He must do his best to create the exact colour for each batch of yarn dyed. But apart from relying on his own skill and experience as a dyer of yarn, Rakesh also depends on nature for the final outcome. The intensity of the Himalayan sun could make the colour a few shades brighter, or an overcast sky can have the opposite effect. It’s a big responsibility, not only because Rakesh hand dyes the yarn himself, but also because the use of the right colour is essential to the Karigar design philosophy.

From a design perspective, colours make our products distinct. Every single time we make a shade card and colour palette for our products, a great deal of thought goes into it. Our designer Jolijn doesn’t follow seasonal trends but her intuition and gradually builds on a timeless collection with a perfect colour-match for each one of our global customers, regardless of their background. But it hasn’t always been easy for us to achieve the desired outcome when it comes to colour. Until they started to work with us, our artisans never worked with a measured recipe for their dyes. As a result, our colours were often unpredictable. But with experience, time and endless training, creating the right colours for Karigar has become part of the dyeing mandate! Writing down recipes, trying them over and over again until perfect is a must.

The shade of green we use perfectly matches Greenery, Pantone’s colour for 2017, associated with minimalism, connecting with nature -- a colour that speaks of hope and signifies new beginnings. For us, the use of Greenery in our collection is also a victory. Not because Pantone has announced it’s the colour of the year for 2017. But because it means that our dyeing unit is finally able to understand the importance of getting colours right. And for us as a young, sustainable brand that works with artisans, this symbolises new beginnings!

Text: Kanak Hirani Nautiyal

Pictures: Marloes van Doorn & Karen Kikkert