Wearing Textiles

Wearing Textiles

India is a land of TEXTILES. Traditionally Indian people wear fabrics rather than clothes. Even today lots of Indian women wear sarees on a daily base. As Karigar intends to stay close to that tradition we choose to develop textiles, in the broadest sense of the word. We do however design our textiles cleverly and make sure you can wear them in multiple ways! In our latest collection we have launched the Karigar Cape, a versatile product in 100% merino wool. After weaving this fabric is taken to Anjali’s small tailoring studio where she makes the armholes that convert our beautifully handwoven fabric into a wearable product.

Anjali (27) is a young ambitious lady. She wants her tailoring work to provide a good life for her and her family. Anjali and her 2 sisters live together with her husband above the tailoring shop where she makes garments for the Indian ladies in the Delhi suburb city that is her hometown. In working for Karigar she sees her talents being challenged and her skills being further trained. We were truly amazed to see what she is capable of making on the nearly ‘antique’ machines she uses. Yes, this is the kind of woman we like to support! Right now Anjali runs a one-woman business and together we dream of her growing into a fully equipped Karigar tailoring unit.


Text & images: Jolijn Fiddelaers