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Meet Jabbo - the Dutch filmmaker who came along to India to document KARIGAR's work behind the scenes. After hours of traveling and a day or 2 at the weaving unit he expresses his findings at the rooftop of this Himalayan weaving unit


Jabbo accompanied Sindhu and Jolijn, 2 (out of 3) KARIGAR co-founders to visit a weaving- and tailoring-unit in the North of India. Art Director Jolijn explains:

“I was intrigued by Jabbo's film-style and his vigorous, truthful and adventurous personality. We decided to take him to India and let him document just what he saw. Seeing our work through his eyes, is an eye-opener, even for ourselves!”


Whereas the weaving unit was situated high up in the mountains, the tailoring unit is located in a different region, bringing a change of environment. Jabbo gives a quick update during an early morning coffee break

where rivers flow and sheep freely roam

Jabbo's Choice #1

“This was the first pic i shot that made me really happy. With going on this trip i got the assignment to make videos AND photos. Photography is outside my comfort zone! It was this photo gave me the confidence that by truly connecting with these people i got to see their real face and i was able to capture it with my camera. Behind this happy pic there was a happy Jabbo”

Jabbo's Choice #2

“The place where the artisans were weaving textiles was being renovated so there were builders on the terrain. In general i have a fascination for beautiful handwork that is done with precision, like this wall plastering. The man worked so neat and precise that i regularly stopped to just enjoy his craft”

Jabbo's Choice #3

“With tailor Abed i felt really connected even though we were not able to literally communicate as we didn’t speak each others language. But just in standing by his side for so many hours during the filming we grew a bound. I cherish this connection and therefore i chose this picture”
Shapeshifting Heritage

bringing together the best of 2 worlds

Video with text

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