We are Karigar

Across ancient cultures and civilizations, textiles have been used to primarily offer humans with a protective layer. In Dutch we call it ‘Geborgenheid’ – the feeling of security and safety which comes from the comfort of being wrapped or covered.

KARIGAR (which means artisan in Hindi) takes this basic human need for warmth and protection and further explores how textiles can be both a necessity and a style statement.

In India, a land of rich textile heritage, a single piece of unstitched cloth - the saree - provides the same feeling of ‘Geborgenheid’. It is also in that ancient land that we choose to begin our journey of creation, along with the talented karigars or artisans who carry with them an age-old crafting tradition.

By shapeshifting this heritage, we offer you, our customers a new way of feeling ‘Geborgenheid' and we offer our talented karigars an opportunity to preserve their wonderful craft.