Care and Repair

Own a KARIGAR that you want to enjoy for a lifetime? Then like all the special things you relish, this too needs some atention. No long list of dos and don’ts, just a few extra steps that make essential caring easy.

If you wear your KARIGAR a lot (like we do), air it frequently to keep fresh instead of washing. For those who travel a lot with their piece, washing does become necessary.

Washing the entire garment:

We don’t like stains either, but they can happen. Chances are you can still remove it with some spot fixing.

Washing off a stain:

When you’re taking a break from your KARIGAR Cape, Scarf or Shawl, it’s best to store it away folded.

A little secret to keeping your textiles smelling great? An herb sachet tucked in between your garments. You can easily make your own by filling empty tea sacs with spices like cloves, peppercorns and cinnamon sticks.  


Some pilling is common to all wool products and is perfectly normal. They appear where the fabric rubs against your bag or under the arms. The pills on our all-natural fabrics can be easily removed by just taking them off with your fingers.

Fixing a loop

Your garment can pull a loop when it gets caught in your bag, ring or watch. Before you reach for a pair of scissors to snip off the thread, try first to stretch or pull the fabric around the loop so that it sits back in place. You may need to do this a few times until the loop disappears or reduces. If it’s only a single pulled thread, you can safely cut it without damaging your piece. 

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