Our Partners

As we explore the remotest villages in our search for the best artisanal talent, we have found solid partners to join us on our journey of co-creation. These are organisations that we trust for their experience and the values that matter to them (and us). Since our start in 2015, KARIGAR has partnered with many formal and informal artisan groups. 

  Jolijn with the Dev Bhumi team

Dev Bhumi Natural Producers Co. Ltd
“We have been associated with Karigar for the past 4 years. During this time Dev Bhumi has grown by leaps and bounds, with much credit going to the KARIGAR team who worked closely with the Dev Bhumi artisans to help developed our skills and capacity in colour dying and weaving at the production sites in the remote Himalayas. This association has also given Dev Bhumi’s artisans greater recognition providing them a chance to showcase their silk products in international markets.”           
- Amrish Khurana, General Manager    

Working with natural materials in Panipat

Kraftloom Overseas Buying Agency
“We believe in delivering the best quality to brands that care about materials, nature and people. Our expertise lies in finding the right team to craft a product that is of the highest quality and by partnering with KARIGAR, we have innovated by exploring new designs that they came with and matching them with craftsmanship and interesting new materials that are completely natural.”  
- Priyanka Gupta, Director

Kala cotton from the region of Kutch

Kuchchh Craftstudio
“We are happy that KARIGAR choose us to explore the region of Kutch in West India. We have generations of artisans in the region who are looking for opportunities to work with international brands. For them, it’s a chance to showcase their natural skills and talent and to do that without leaving their communities. Kutch is a goldmine of craft, culture, heritage and talent and we love that KARIGAR included this part of India in their textile exploration.”
- Chetan Rajgopar, Founder

The Lambani artisans of Sandur

Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra
“KARIGAR has been a dream come true for Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra (SKKK)– a breakthrough for the Lambanis and weavers to recognise the worth of their talent internationally. The exposure and experience we had is worth every product that we implemented for the brand. We are inspired and grateful for the opportunity which we will treasure for life.”  
-  Roohi Azam, Board Member & consultant designer 

KARIGAR khadi cushion cover with Lambani embroidery

Manufactum GmbH
"KARIGAR is unique in combining two of the most important skills in textile and product design: they meet the taste and the zeitgeist of today's customers by applying ancient techniques and outstanding materials."
- Annette Fauvel, Product Scout