How does my KARIGAR Cape go from Long to Short?

Want to do more with less? Create two very different yet special styles with a simple trick.
We call it The Flip.
When worn with a long back, the KARIGAR Cape looks like a jacket or dress. To turn it into a short vest, FLIP IT over 180 degrees so that the long back becomes the big warm shawl around your neck. You have a different colour and a new drape!

My Cape has a loop, how do I fix it?

Don’t you just hate it when your watch gets caught in your cape, pulling a loop?
You can repair or reduce the damage by looking at the direction of the pulled thread and stretching it back in place.
Hold your Cape about 10 cms either side of the loop and pull until you see the thread sitting back in place. That should help reduce the damage or repair it completely.

Will the Cape suit me?

Tall. Short. Blonde. Brunette. Dark. Fair. Old. Young. Petite. Plus.
There’s a Cape for all of us.
When we designed the KARIGAR Cape, we made it versatile so that every single woman can wrap herself up in pure, natural luxury without feeling limited.
One size, 10 colours. Which one is yours?

I’m short, will the cape suit me?

Why blend in when you can stand out?
At least not when you’re wearing the KARIGAR cape. Some of our KARIGAR customers are 165cm (and shorter) and they wear the cape with more shawl around the neck and with a shorter back. This drape is casual yet trendy and let’s them walk into any room feeling tall. Even without heels.

Why does my KARIGAR product have some irregularities?

Even on a good day most of us aren’t perfect. So why expect our handmade Capes, Scarves and Shawls to be any different?
15 skilled artisans craft one KARIGAR product, and because each piece is made entirely by hand, you can expect it to have just the right amount of human imperfection.
Weaving irregularities or tiny loops don’t make your product any less beautiful.
Only more unique.
If you have a question about how your KARIGAR product looks, email us at info@karigar.nl 

Why do I need a Cape

Every day you make choices.

What if we can help you get a head start, with some of it at least?
We present the innovative KARIGAR cape, a free size garment made from pure wool that is designed for fun and multi-functionality. Handmade by 15 rural artisans (watch how your Cape is made), our capes promise a story and design that makes you stand out from the crowd. 

How to Use the Talking Tag

There’s more to a fashion brand than meets the eye. In our case, there’s an entire community of artisans.
Go behind the scenes with our Talking Tag and discover the making of your product. Made entirely by hand using 100% natural materials from the Indian Himalayas, the KARIGAR collection is kind to both nature and people. Download any free QR code reading app on your smartphone and simply scan the unique code on your product hangtag to follow its journey.

I’m curvy, will the Cape fit me?

Embrace those gorgeous curves in our free-size KARIGAR Cape which has been designed to fit and flatter any body type.
The use of colour blocks combined with the weaving pattern give shape and definition to the Cape. Once the Cape is on, you’ll never want to take it of! 

What makes the KARIGAR Cape Sustainable?

Wear it 30 times and you’re being sustainable.
But what if one garment can be worn in more than 15 ways, through your day and in all 4 seasons – how high would that rank on your sustainability meter? Meet our 100% natural, handmade KARIGAR Cape with 2 free-size armholes that brings the fun back into multi-‘fun’ctional!

How do I care for my KARIGAR product? 

Your KARIGAR product has been carefully crafted by hand and made to last, but you will still need to show it some love. Hand wash gently (and only if needed) using mild detergent and lukewarm water. Lay flat to dry and store folded.