How hard is it to find fashion that ticks all the boxes?
Something that makes us feel absolutely fabulous when we put it on. That doesn't make us seriously worry about how it was made. Something that’s actually meant to last.

It got us thinking…
How could we get our hands on one of those?

So our search began

for the best in the business.

India is home to 7 million artisans (the population of Hong Kong. Yup, that’s right) and to KARIGAR co-founders Sindhu and Kanak. Countless villages, thousands of ambitious women artisans looking for employment and centuries old skills make it possible for us to create with what’s naturally and locally available. After all, wasn’t that how it had been done all those years ago?Since 2015, we have worked with more than 3,000 artisans and have a dream to make it a million Some call it crazy. We call it IMPACT AT SCALE.

Followed our heart

to create fashion with style and soul.

This story began with 3 coffees, 2 laptops, some colour cards and a pile of fabrics at the Royal Concert Hall café in the Museum district of Amsterdam. To give shape to our vision of bringing smart fashion by rural artisans to people everywhere, we decided to travel straight to the source to co-create with local communities. The subtle language of (Dutch) design took over where words would be a barrier. And, we created fashion with style and soul.

Went on a date

to check out new partners.

If you thought finding the right life partner was hard, wait till you try this. We’ve got a pretty tough checklist, and it is ideal when our partners have the same.Our rigorous vetting process scrutinises every step of our partners’ value chain – where and how they source their natural raw materials, the impact it’s had on people, animals or the environment, how they value their artisans, the direct impact of production on water sources and how open they are to change and making continuous improvements. Not to forget the basic laundry list items: no child labour, no exploitation, no artificial materials, no inequality. Hence we choose (and are chosen by) partners with similar values, aspirations and work ethics.


and we are absolutely unique.

Innnovation + Craftsmanship.
Style + Sustainability.
Tradition + Technology.
You + Us.
When two different worlds come together, the magic is simply unstoppable. One world which appreciates high quality fashion crafted in the most ethical way possible. And the other for whom design translation – standardisation, international quality requirements, eye for detail – become an engrained, lifelong, valuable skill.

We begins with me

I mean, why would you even care?

The truth behind traditional garment production is one that’s hard to swallow. Behind every ‘Made in’ tag lies an untold story. But what if that story is a happy one? Of women empowerment, of forest conservation, of organic fibres and craft revival? Through our Talking Tags (the QR codes on our hangtags) people can discover the untold stories of the makers to see how products come alive.

What does it mean for you

and the artisans?

In a fast fashion world, we think that it’s cool to take it slow. Creating selected, high quality products that can be worn all year round and made to last has worked well for us, our partners and the environment. Why don’t you give it a shot? P.S: The only thing ‘fast’ about us is our customer service! We’re pulling the curtain between you and the makers and promising you this: a product with not just a style but also a story that stands out from the crowd.