Our Beliefs


To build a successful business that enriches every single element and individual that is part of our value chain, every single time.


We co-create textile products that make both its makers and owners proud. 

By infusing ancient crafting techniques with modern, innovative design and SHAPE-SHIFTING heritage, we create high quality textiles for a discerning audience.


Of Empowerment: We CREATE a healthy and wealthy community that consists of strong, inspiring individuals empowered to serve the eco-system with their skills. By creating sustainable products that positively impact lives and look beautiful, we give consumers an alternative to fast fashion.

Of Diversity and Inclusiveness: We FACILITATE the equal opportunity to learn, grow and create. There is talent everywhere, across gender, race and continents. Karigars need to stay gainfully employed and grow their skills to create for a changing global audience, all without moving out of their communities. Families get stronger, economies flourish and children have choices when communities thrive.

Of Quality: We BELIEVE that high quality must extend across all the aspects of our business – from us to you. To us, quality is essential in:


Of Sustainability: We DESIRE inclusive growth, keeping everyone's benefit in mind. We make conscious choices, be it in our design, material or methods, aware of their impact on people and the planet. In everything we do or create and in the future of our business, we wish prosperity for all.