Talking Tag


We find it as important to make a beautiful product to wear as we find it necessary to have a positive impact on the people we work with and the environment we create in.

Through each product, we encourage dialogue between the makers and wearers. Every hangtag or Talking Tag tells the story of how it was made and shares videos and photographs of the creators behind your Karigar product. We believe that you deserve to know the care and effort that goes into making by hand.

From the names of the people who helped design and create it, to the videos and photographs of your product in many stages of production (documented by both professionals and artisans using their phone cameras) – each Talking Tag has a unique QR code which when scanned using your smartphone tells you how your Stole, Cape or Scarf came alive. Consumers can share this information on their social media or even post comments or messages for the karigars.