• Scarf Aurora Mint
  • Scarf Aurora Mint
  • Scarf Aurora Mint
  • Scarf Aurora Mint
  • Scarf Aurora Mint
  • Scarf Aurora Mint
  • Scarf Aurora Mint
  • Scarf Aurora Mint
  • Scarf Aurora Mint

Scarf Aurora Mint

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Handmade to order in the Himalayas, handcrafted in small batches

Get intimate with the KARIGAR Scarf Natural – a scarf so soft that it almost feels like second skin. A blend of Himalayan merino wool and pure pashmina, the gentle touch of this fresh and on-trend Scarf makes it perfect to wear around the shoulders, loose at the neck or double knotted for extra warmth.

A distinct blend of modern design and traditional craft, each piece is handcrafted by a team of skilled rural artisans from the Himalayas. This one’s about style as much as it’s about impact.

Its ultimate softness and luxurious feel make the Scarf your go-to accessory every winter morning. Natural, comfortable and breathable, the handcrafted Scarf Natural promises to envelope you in pure goodness.

Style the Scarf Aurora Mint with your functional basics like jeans and a white shirt or highlight with other fun pieces that you own. Your explorations have just begun. So why not take your style up a notch with this ultra modern scarf?

The fluffy, slightly felted appearance of the KARIGAR Scarf Natural results from just the right blend of merino wool and pashmina fibres in a modest weaving pattern.


“To me, this is a pure luxury,” says KARIGAR designer Jolijn, as she shares her inspiration for this Scarf. “For a quality this smooth, I just wanted to design a beautiful range of Uni colours that allow you to keep creating new colour moods time and again. Please take my invitation and play with your colours!”

From modern colours we move onto traditional techniques, because that’s the design translation that gives your Scarf an edge over others.

Behind every handcrafted piece stands a passionate team of men and women who source the finest raw materials, blend them into fibres, dye the yarn just the right shade and weave it into perfection on traditional wooden looms. It’s many pairs of skilled hands that craft your scarf. Using age old crafting techniques, our rural artisan partners from Himachal Pradesh translate KARIGAR’s sophisticated Dutch designs into modern, everyday classics. Especially for you.

Pure pashmina is used to craft your scarf


  • 47.5cm x 195cm
  • Handcrafted on traditional wooden looms in Himachal Pradesh
  • 80% Merino Wool, 20% Pashmina
  • Available in a range of 6 Uni colours
  • Handwash in lukewarm water using a gentle detergent. Lay flat to dry.
  • Caring for your scarf can be made easy with the right tips! See How to Care here. 

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Our mission is to create contemporary fashion made by rural artisans for people everywhere around the world! By bringing together the two different worlds of conscious consumers and rural artisans, we wish to unite style with impact.

  • Designed to reduce waste and over-production, each piece is crafted in small batches.
  • Natural materials, ethically and locally sourced from the same region where it’s woven.
  • Creating economic opportunities for rural artisans, by preserving their age old skills and giving them regular employment.
  • Re-skilling rural artisans for today, tomorrow and ever after through on-going training and design development.
  • A QR code unlike any other on each product (we call it the Talking Tag!) that takes you behind the scenes into who made your Scarf and how.


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